All You Need To Know About Diamond-Like Carbon Coating

In recent years, technological advancements in carbon-based materials have encouraged engineers, mechanists, industrialists, and architects to come up with low-cost, high-performance, and durable metal composites with higher tribological characteristics.

Diamond-like carbon coating is one of these innovations; the technique is used for a myriad of industrial and commercial applications. The versatile coating is ideal for various industrial components, from automotive pistons and pins and sucker rod couplings to medical instruments and jewelry.

DLC coating allows manufacturers across several industries to reap incredible benefits. Let’s highlight four unique ways in which DLC coating meets specific application demands in different industries.

1.     Aerospace Machinery: High-Density Strength

DLC coating offers an exceptional degree of micro-hardness for various engine components and aerospace engineering structures.

Manufacturers are actively hunting for ways to enhance the sturdiness and durability of their aircraft, and DLC coatings are a great solution to achieve this.

2.     Automotive Parts: Weight Reduction

Vehicle manufacturers have shifted from using steel and iron metals to aluminum and carbon-alternatives for producing engines and vehicle body parts—the reason? Rapidly changing consumer demand.

Vehicle owners look for efficiency, engine power, and durability, coupled with carbon neutrality, fuel economy, and recycling potentials. Using DLC coated metals is the ideal way to ensure all of these qualities in automotive products.

3.     Biomedical Equipment: High Bio-Compatibility

Since medical devices and biomedical engineering products are designed to last for a long time without corroding, they must be biocompatible and high performing. Therefore, medical instrument manufacturers emphasize the importance of reliable DLC coatings, as they increase the efficacy and safety of medical tools such as scalpels, bone saws, needle drivers, etc.

What’s more, DLC coatings eliminate the need to lubricate and polish metal surgical tools due to their anti-glare benefits. This is great for surgeons who are performing complicated surgeries under sharp OT lights.

4.     Chemical Factories Components: Electrochemical Inertness

Workers in chemical, nuclear, and oil and gas factories use metallic tools and equipment under harsh settings. Constant exposure to chemicals and high temperature makes this machinery vulnerable to damage.

DLC coating, especially with high silicon content, offers a high degree of corrosion resistance, heat withstanding capacity, and electrochemical inertness.

Moreover, they ensure high productivity during mining and milling procedures to curb the adverse impact on the Earth’s environment.

Why Choose DLC Coating Services By NISU Lab in Houston, TX?

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