2020 Vision: How AR is Changing the Aviation Industry

Augmented reality will be the face of an upcoming revolution in the aviation industry. Real-time information can be used in the form of images, audio and text modules integrated into various devices.

Aviation is no exception when it comes to augmented reality. The industry continues to benefit from these technological advancements on several levels and leverages the benefits gained from its usage in an effective manner.

AR is mostly used in aviation to increase the safety of the pilot. However, the chance of human error can never be ruled out. According to research, 85% of the accidents in aviation happen because of human error. While we can’t completely avoid accidents, we can minimize their frequency.

AR Navigation For Commercial Flights

While AR is largely seen as an important tool for the military, it has also managed to revolutionize the way the aviation industry works. Jet planes, for example, use AR navigation to place targets, navigate, fly and complete several missions. A glass screen at the front helps the pilot to make decisions that will keep themselves and the jet safe.

When it comes to commercial flights, we don’t see many applications of AR. However, AR navigation systems are being added to commercial flights as well.

AR For Air Traffic Control

AR has acquired enough research and resources to make air traffic control and visualization more efficient. Pilots can acquire a 360-degree view of the plane with statistics and real-time images, which makes the air traffic around them clearly visible, helping them fly safely.

AR For Aircraft Maintenance

We don’t think any other application of AR is as beneficial as its application in aircraft maintenance. AR helps commercial aircraft engineers to leverage their AR expertise in order to inspect and maintain the aircraft timely and effectively. Then technology offers real-time data by combining a range of other technologies including 3D scanning and sensors. With a concise maintenance procedure, the maintenance of any aircraft can be incredibly quick and successful—resulting in a reduced number of accidents.

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