3 Awesome Ways to Promote Your Business with Branded Videos

As more and more people depend upon video content for their news, information, learning and entertainment, video content in the form of branded videos have been helping businesses grow by maximizing reach and increasing engagement all resulting in more conversions.

Branded video content focuses on humanizing your brand by creatively telling your story or advancing an engaging message that helps strengthen brand identity. In most cases, branded videos don’t directly promote a brand’s products/services—they’re more emotional which builds a connection with the viewer. Elevating your brand to an emotional level helps it endear itself to customers which makes it more memorable.

Here are some engaging ways branded videos help tell a story that promotes your business.

1. Tell Your Story Creatively

Be interesting. Don’t be boring. As more brands jump on the branded video bandwagon, they take the approach that they have to do it and risk producing unoriginal and rehashed content. Been there. Done that.

If you can’t seem to create something original or engaging, don’t do the video. You’ll be wasting your money because people won’t watch it. There are billions of videos on YouTube, so they have plenty of places they can go. You have to stand out.

Think about your brand and the emotional benefit it delivers to your customers. What gap does it fill and how can you capture that benefit visually? You don’t have to be literal, but be clear and show that you give a shit about what you’re talking about.

Here are some great examples to h get inspired:

  1. When a Boy Becomes A Man
  2. The Spark That Started eVgo
  3. Slack Teams Do Amazing Things

2. Educate Your Audience Without Boring Them

woman filming an explainer video for her apparel business

Explainer videos are easily one of the most effective and affordable branded videos you can produce. They’re simple, easy to produce and the production values are relatively inexpensive. Plus they communicate your brand’s products/services without being too promotional and cheesy.

As stated earlier, branded videos have a stronger focus on telling a story as opposed to strictly promoting a product/service. Explainer videos strike the perfect balance between these elements by enmeshing storytelling into how a product or service works and why its beneficial to the user.

Great explainer videos focus on the “lesson” first. What is it you want your audience to know after watching the video? Then, plot your storyline. Once you have a great idea, incorporate product/service information where possible. Bring your audience into your story while informing them and teaching them something new.

Here are some examples:



3. Win Customers Over With Relevance

Get started by being relevant. Customers are more likely to engage with content that falls in line with more timely content that reflects what’s going on now whether it’s events, pop culture references, industry trends, entertainment updates, seasonal trends, holidays, etc.

For instance when creating a branded video look at how you can relate it to a current trend in your industry. Fall-themed branded videos make sense in the Fall months. If the Super Bowl is right around the corner, tie your video around football themes talking about “The Big Game” (Super Bowl is a licensed name owned by the NFL and can only be used with permission). For business-to-business marketing, it’s okay to have fun, but don’t sacrifice your industry credibility by doing something too silly.

For the most part, keep the video short—1 to 2 minutes. But, if it’s truly engaging and entertaining, don’t be afraid to go over that if you come up with a great idea. Interesting videos are interesting no matter how long or short they are. Ultimately, producing a themed video is a great way to drive more traffic to your site and keep users engaged on your pages.

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Expert Video Creation and Production

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