3 Benefits of Using AR in Product Design

Gone are the days when designers had to use sheets after sheets of paper to perfect their product design. With the advancements in digital technology, a few clicks can get the job done. But what if product designers could take it to the next level?

Augmented Reality gives product designers the ability to see the mockups of their designs overlaid into the real world with the help of an app. A survey conducted with IT leaders shows that AR is enhancing the creativity of product design and development by 48 percent!

Here’s how adding AR as a tool in finishing the product prototype is beneficial.

It brings the products to life

Visualization is a foundational facet of the design process. Whether the product is in its early stages of development or well past the conceptualization phase, envisioning the result is how the design is completed.

However, this can be challenging to do on paper or a computer screen, as the design is still disconnected from spacial context and the realities of real-world scales. But not with AR—it helps designers pull the idea out of the screen and drop it into the real world. The designers can get a feel of their design’s proportions and tweak it accordingly.

It allows visualization in context picture14

It’s one thing to picture to take the design out of the screen, but it’s another thing to see it in its context of use. The tangible benefits of AR come in handy when it comes to assessing concept alternatives of the product design.

The designers can use AR technology and head to the retail store to visualize the product in the same context as the customers. This will give the designers insight into how to make the product design better to create an engaging customer experience.

It streamlines development

AR improves the overall efficiency of product development. It allows the designers to pair the existing prototype with others and explore a broad range of design options by visualizing them through AR’s virtual means. Not only does this reduce the cost of tweaking the product repeatedly, even after the design is finalized, but it also allows the designers to test their concepts at a rapid pace to make them better.


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