3 Benefits of Using Instagram to Gain Customers

Back in the day, businesses would gain customers purely by referral marketing. Loyal customers would spread the word, and that’s how a business would grow.

Then we entered an age of billboards and TV commercials, and marketing became slightly easier, albeit more expensive.

Today, the internet and social media have breathed new life into marketing. With a few taps and clicks, you can take your business to a global level, and that too with a limited marketing budget.

But if you’re not sure where to start, we suggest you start with Instagram since it’s definitely one of the platforms that marketers seem to rely on the most.

Here are some other reasons that make Instagram marketing a worthwhile approach.

Fastest Growing Social Media Platform—Incredible Reach

Currently, Instagram has about 1 billion monthly users. That’s a huge number, and it’s growing faster than most other platforms. This also explains why Facebook acquired the app back in 2012. And this works in favor of your business too.

Because Instagram and Facebook have a lot of connecting features that allow content to be shared from one platform to the other very easily, so, if you’re using Instagram to market, you’re getting through to the 1 billion Instagram users, but your posts may even make it to the ones using Facebook via sharing options.

Humans Are Visual Learners; Instagram Is A Visual Platform

Most of us are visual learners, and that means that we’re able to retain information more easily through pictures, infographics, and videos rather than plain text.

So, while blog posts and articles, and other forms of written content could work for some businesses, visual content is known to work for all businesses.

And Instagram was originally designed as a photo-sharing app, and even today, it largely remains a highly visual-driven app. However, there are now several other features that you can use along with photos and videos to engage your audience.

Highly Effective for Engaging Audiences

Several surveys show that Instagram’s content formats like its stories and posts have the highest engagement rates. This is also why a lot of social media influencers and bloggers prefer using Instagram over other platforms.

Businesses, especially small and mid-sized businesses, can also very easily and effectively connect with their target audience through quality content on Instagram. In fact, many businesses exist solely on Instagram, using it as a tool to market and communicate with their customers on a daily basis.

But it’s also important to keep in mind that to gain customers on Instagram or any other social media platform, it’s important to put out quality content consistently.

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