3 of the Best Home Security Systems of 2019

Getting a good quality alarm system for your home is crucial to keeping your family safe from any potential threats of burglary and theft. If you’re looking for a new alarm system for your home, then you’ve found the right blog! We’ve listed 3 of the best alarm systems for 2019, based on factors like cost, features, response time, installation and connectivity.

LYNX Touch 5210 & 7000

If you’re looking for an extraordinary all-in-one experience, then there’s no security system better than the LYNX Touch. With this alarm system, you can control the security system, lights, locks and thermostats, and videos with one fantastic touch-screen or your mobile phone. If you’re looking for an all-in-one alarm system, the LYNX Touch is perfect for you!

The Lyric Controller

This new home security system is designed to work according to your lifestyle—it has a wireless connected platform that you can access from anywhere. The device is smart and sleek, not to mention, user-friendly. You can control the thermostats, cameras, lights and locks by tapping a smart screen or simply by voice!

Features of Honeywell’s Lyric Controller include a smart thermostat, mobile control, built-in camera that can take snapshots/videos and send them to you when the alarm is disarmed, and a 24/7 monitoring system to keep you safe at all times of the day. There are several more features that support the Lyric controller’s immaculate performance.

Alarmtech’s Smart Home Automation Systems

Alarmtech’s smart home automation systems have transformed the concept of alarm systems altogether by combining home security with home automation. Imagine closing your garage door without having to get out of your car! Yes, that’s what it allows you to do!

Speaking of features, Alarmtech’s home automation system uses high-end technology that allows you to control your lights, door locks, home theatre, thermostat and more!

It also features a 24/7 monitoring system with built-in security cameras and smart locks.

Looking for affordable integrated security solutions in London, Ontario? Check out Alarmtech—they provide reliable electronic security solutions to residential and commercial businesses. If you buy from them, you can expect high-quality and superior technology. Visit their website to find out what kind of alarm systems they offer and contact them to place your order!

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