3 Digital Marketing Tactics that Generate Immediate Results

Small businesses are often working with limited budgets and need to justify every expense with quantifiable results. Implementing a digital marketing strategy is a necessity for most businesses and often requires significant investment. As a result, many small firms look for digital marketing tactics that offer quick returns.

So we’ve compiled some great digital marketing techniques that you can use to build your presence online with minimal time and investment. Let’s get started!

Strategy 1: Have a conversion-focused web design

Your website is usually the first point of contact with customers on a platform that’s entirely your own. This is the make-or-break touchpoint because visitors are coming to your site to learn more about your brand and your offerings.

A mediocre design won’t be enough to win over customers—you need a visually appealing website that offers features that meet the needs of your customers. Additionally, navigation should be straightforward, so visitors aren’t confused by the complicated site map.


Strategy 2: Optimize for mobile and desktop

Data indicates that mobile accounts for 65% of all e-commerce traffic, even though the majority buys products using a desktop. This statistic suggests that customers make the first contact with your website using a mobile device. Once they like what they see, they further vet products using a desktop or tablet.

For brands, this means that websites need to be optimized for both mobile and desktop if you want to convert visits into sales.

Pro Tip: Google ranks mobile-friendly websites higher than websites that don’t have a mobile version. Developing a mobile version of your website is an excellent technique to get your website more visibility.

Strategy 3: Build a targeted email list

A targeted email marketing campaign is an excellent strategy because it focuses on leads that have a higher chance of conversion. You can engage directly with genuine prospects and ensure quick results.

Ideally, you should start developing your email list during the earlier stages of your digital marketing strategy. Once the list is ready, start sending out personalized emails that can help you convert these prospects quickly.

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