3 Essential Benefits of Cybersecurity Training

According to a cybercrime study conducted by Accenture, security breaches increased by 11% between 2018 and 2019, and a staggering 67% between 2014 and 2019.

Moreover, the average data breach cost businesses $3.92 million in 2019, according to Security Intelligence’s Data Breach Report. These statistics are alarming, and it’s clear that the nation has to make a stronger collective effort to mitigate the ever-growing menace of cyber attacks.

Considering that there are more than three hundred thousand unfulfilled cybersecurity roles in the United States, it’s apparent that there’s a shortage of qualified cybersecurity personnel in the country. And the rise in demand for skilled cybersecurity personnel is not expected to peter out any time soon.

Keeping these facts and figures in mind, let’s discuss some essential benefits of cybersecurity training and why it’s critical for the success and security of American businesses and organizations.

Better Security for Businesses

Companies and organizations often have to learn the hard way that when it comes to security, the weakest link is often their own employees, even with an efficient infrastructure in place. This is where cybersecurity training programs come in.

Since a good cyber awareness training program instills cyber hygiene values in professionals, it should be made available to everyone, regardless of their field or industry.

Businesses and organizations will feel more confident hiring individuals who’ve been empowered through cybersecurity training, as they’re less likely to commit human errors that can result in devastating security breaches.

A Positive Workforce

Although many businesses have the financial resources to fund proper cybersecurity support, they often find it difficult to find “triple threats.”

These are professionals with the perfect blend of strategic thinking capabilities, business know-how, and the technical skills to quickly and effectively implement cyber-risk management initiatives.

Those who have built a strong base in cybersecurity from an early age could find that their skill sets are in high demand.

Cybersecurity Training Can Be Rewarding Both Financially and Personally

With qualified cybersecurity personnel being so highly demanded, it’s a highly lucrative career path in which the starting annual salary can easily exceed $80,000.

Cybersecurity awareness and training programs can also be personally rewarding for individuals who take them. Many students report facing a security issue within weeks of completing their program. Needless to say, using a newly acquired skill in a short time frame can be extremely rewarding and gratifying.

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