3 Quick and Actionable Tips to Boost Your SEO

There’s not a lot of difference between SEO and fad dieting: the internet is littered with advice that promises immediate results, but the majority of them fail to deliver.

Plus, some of the highly-touted SEO tactics just don’t work anymore. If you’re using some outdated SEO practices, it’s time to kiss them goodbye.

Let’s focus on proven, more actionable SEO tactics – the kind that’ll help you today.

Here, our SEO services provider in AZ discuss 3 quick and actionable tips that’ll work way better than any fad diet.

1. Don’t forget title tags, headers, and meta descriptions

The thought of doing this to your entire website can be overwhelming, but it isn’t as difficult as people make it to be.

If you use WordPress, install the Yoast SEO tool. With this tool, checking your pages for these important SEO components becomes quick and easy.

There should be a unique title tag, H1 header, and meta description for every page of your website. Also, include a focus phrase or keyword that matches. For instance, if ‘Building Muscle’ is the topic of your page, this phrase should be part of both the page title and H1 header.

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Whenever you add a new page or publish a blog post, do the same. There must be a focus keyword in the title and H1 header, and the meta description must be nicely written as well.

2. Start using Google Search Console

The Google Search Console is a powerful, free tool that’s available to every website owner. Whether you sign up or not, Google will search, crawl, and index you. However, if you use this tool, analytics will help you out a lot.

With Google Search Console, you’ll be able to remove content you don’t want to be indexed, approve content for crawling, see backlinks, monitor page clicks and views, etc.

And all you need to sign up is a Google account and a website!

3. Create a ‘Google My Business’ account

Google My Business is a free tool and doesn’t take more than a few seconds to set up. By helping you verify your business information online, this tool makes it easier for prospects to find you. This is one of the best and probably the quickest ways to boost your SEO.

Plus, customers can leave you 1-5-star ratings and reviews, adding legitimacy to your brand!

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