3 Reasons Why Your Car Keys Aren’t Working

Imagine you’re already running late for a job interview, and just as you reach your car, you realize your car keys don’t work! This isn’t just a bummer, but could end in you potentially losing a job opportunity. 

But this situation begs the question: why did they stop working in the first place? We’re glad you asked.

Faulty ignition

Most of us assume that the fault always lies in the car key. However, the key’s functionality is dependent on the ignition’s. If you put the keys in the ignition and it doesn’t work, it’s likely that the mechanical components of your ignition have started to wear down.

Other signs of a faulty ignition include flickering dashboard lights, stalling, and the car not starting.

Damaged lock

As stated above, the key isn’t always the problem; the issue could lie in your lock as well. Damaged locks are most common among older car models that still use keys to unlock the door. Damaged locks also make your car more susceptible to theft.

This usually happens because years of using the key to unlock the door can cause the lock to wear down. The lock can also get clogged with debris and dirt if you don’t get it cleaned every time you get the car serviced.

The lock can also incur damage as a result of an accident or an external collision that directly hits the lock. Too much external force can cause the lock to become disoriented and, therefore, non-functional. In most cases, getting the lock replaced is the only solution.

Damaged keys

Just like a lock, car keys are highly susceptible to wear and tear. If you don’t pay attention to key maintenance, the grooves will start changing shape over time. After some time, it might not fit into the lock like it used to. This will affect the internal mechanism of the lock.

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