3 Reasons You Need To Hire Managed Security Services

While large corporations and government organizations make headlines, smaller and medium-sized businesses are also victims of cybercrime at similarly snowballing rates. According to a survey, 15% of small businesses reported experiencing a cyber-attack recently. 

As criminals constantly probe for security weaknesses, attacks will continue to transform in ways that organizations don’t expect. Businesses who experience cybercrime have their critical information stolen and finances and reputations tarnished. A managed security services provider (MSSP) is an effective deterrent to cybercrimes. Here are some benefits of working with an MSSP:

Extensive Knowledge and Experience

MSSPs have wide-ranging and comprehensive knowledge of network systems and the security problems they might encounter.

Often an MSSP will be more experienced than an in-house security provider because of the number of clients they work with. MSSPs usually provide cybersecurity for many companies—through this widespread exposure, MSSPs learn how to respond to new and evolving threats.

Their knowledge and experience also make them more flexible than in-house security teams. If they notice some security measures working for one of their clients, they’ll also try it on other related clients. An in-house security team probably wouldn’t implement any changes until the security measures became commonplace.

More IT For Results-Driven Work

A significant advantage of outsourcing your cybersecurity is that it frees up in-house IT members for work focusing on core organizational goals.

Instead of monitoring data dashboards, looking for threats, or developing strategies to protect the firm’s network, IT members can instead help the firm meet its business objectives. For instance, they could develop business processes that streamline the firm’s output. Additionally, they could update a company’s network and focus on fixing non-security related IT problems.

Not having to focus on security also means that the IT team can devise tech solutions that can raise organizational bottom lines.

Cost Reduction

Hiring an in-house security team is very expensive for firms, especially small and medium-sized ones. Many in-house security teams draw large salaries, and an entire team of security specialists are unattainable for many businesses.

MSSPs cost significantly less than a dedicated in-house team. This is because MSSPs work with a large number of clients, and can spread their costs across a wider client base to reduce cost per customer.

While the rates of an MSSP depend on several factors, such as operational scales, the required services, and complexity, most MSSPs are considerably less expensive.

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