3 Simple Dye Sublimation Paper Maintenance Tips

With the recent rise in the dye sublimation printing market, a number of printing companies, small and large, are using the advanced printing method to create high quality customized items, signage, garments and household items.

Unlike other printing techniques, dye sublimation printing offers smooth, vibrant, superior quality prints that do not crack or peel off , even after extensive use. In addition, the process helps printing businesses to reduce operational costs and maximize operational efficiencies.

If you are new to dye sublimation printing, you need to understand the most important things you need for it. This includes dye sublimation ink, substrate (the base material on which a graphic image is transferred) and a dye sublimation paper.

A dye sublimation paper is a special printing paper that causes the sublimation ink to stick to the substrate. You will first print your image onto a dye sublimation paper. Thereafter, the image is transferred from the dye sublimation paper onto the substrate using a heat press.

You can use this printing paper on polyester fabrics and items with a polyester-coating. There are many dye sublimation papers in the market, such as normal, fast dry, full sticky and more. Make sure you understand the pros and cons of different papers to help you choose the best one for your business.

Also, the paper must have a high transfer rate, 90 percent or higher to ensure a seamless transfer.


Dye Sublimation transfer paper care

Dye sublimation paper is one of the main ingredients of the printing process. In order to ensure its longevity, use these simple tips:

Store it properly

Do not fold sublimation papers. This will cause the paper to wrinkle and curl. Instead, stack them up horizontally.

Avoid high temperatures

Store all your sublimation papers in a cool place. Sublimation paper is sensitive to heat and humidity as they contain lignin. When exposed to direct sunlight, the paper will lose its moisture and strength. The ideal storage environment is 18 to 20 degrees.

Use it immediately

Last but not least, sublimation papers have a shelf life of seven months or a year (maximum). If you want to maintain the strength of the papers, it is better to use them within a year.

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