3 Tips for Better WordPress Web Design

WordPress is a powerful platform that powers 30% of the internet. With WordPress, you can create your own website, add whatever features you need, and design it exactly how you like. WordPress welcomes online sellers, businesses, and bloggers.

Let’s look at three tips that our WordPress web designer in Phoenix thinks are better for WordPress web design.

1. Custom typography and fonts

What’s your website using? Plain Verdana or Helvetica? Yes, there’s no one stopping you from using readable sans serif fonts, but custom typography will help your brand’s voice. Fortunately, there’s an array of font plugins available that you can use with your WordPress site. So, browse custom fonts and choose the one that best aligns with your brand.

2. Use a clean, white space design

Using white space is one of the fundamental principles of a great design. If you clutter a section with too much information, it will become unreadable due to the absence of white space.

a WordPress web designer in Phoenix

Too much white space is also not recommended, as it will make the design seem a tad disorganized.

You’ve got to find the right balance – and typically, designers know how to use white space. The main purpose is to highlight the most important headlines, videos, and images with white space. Plus, ensure that there’s plenty of white space around your call-to-action buttons. This will help them stand out.

3. Choose a compelling, simple color palette

First, know what your brand’s colors are and how they’re included in your website theme and design? With a great color palette, you’ll not just give more impact to your website but will also draw the visitor’s eye to the content you want them to notice. It doesn’t just highlight the most significant parts of your business online but sets the tone for your visitors as well.

If you open your website and you’re greeted with tons of different colors, you’ll need to change it. This isn’t an optimal way to colorize your website. Ideally, you should opt for a limited color palette that has two main colors. While dark gray or black on a white background is the best color palette when it comes to making the content readable, call-out sections with light text on a dark accent background works too.

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