3 Ways To Boost Christmas Campaigns With Video

Christmas is the perfect time to show love to everyone and everything you hold special—and your business should be no exception!

One of the biggest holiday sale seasons in San Diego is just around the corner, and what’s a better time to give a little gift to your business and audience by going all out and as perfect as you can with your Christmas video marketing campaigns?

Here are three tips to keep in mind that have worked out brilliantly for us in the past.

A Note To Remember: Communicate Your Promotions—Well!

Nothing is more off-putting than a video marketing campaign that is sloppy, unclear and doesn’t convey the message right off the bat—especially on Christmas when it’s all about grabbing attention!

A short, crisp and to-the-point video is a great way to get information about on-going sales, discounts and other promotions out there.

Take Your Email Marketing To The Next Level

Emails are fantastic and email marketing is an entire branch of digital marketing in its own right—but—did you know that the human brain processes videos around 60,000 times faster than text?

This means that you can take your email marketing campaigns up a notch by adding videos to them and make them a lot more effective, easy-to-consume and simpler.

There is also solid proof that videos can increase the click-through rate of the email by up to 300%. What more could you want this Christmas?


Make Sure You Show Real Testimonials

Here’s a personal question (pun intended):

What do you do when you want to build trust with your customers on a time crunch?

You get up close and personal with video testimonials!

Imagine reading a written review of a product vs watching your favorite YouTuber unbox the same product, talk through an in-depth video testimonial and even demonstrate how to use it. Which review makes you want to buy the product?

Have you considered some of these methods integrated with video marketing at different stages of the buyer’s journey in your previous theme-specific campaigns? Try to remember how it went and build on the knowledge to deploy this one.

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