3 Ways To Promote Your Event With Videos

A picture is worth a thousand words, so how much is a video worth? A thousand event attendees? Not a farfetched expectation!

Ever since the marketing world went online, visual marketing has achieved immense momentum, becoming the most important factor that can guarantee success.

It started with a subtle flirtation that began when Instagram became popular among brands because of its visual interface. Slowly, Snapchat took over, followed by a full-blown affair between marketing and visuals when YouTube became an advertising powerhouse.

Now, large businesses and startups alike have recognized the power of online video for their marketing and promotional strategies, and with affordable video creation equipment available everywhere, it’s easier than ever to set up a YouTube account, create videos, and start sharing them with the world.

Here are some tips that can help you promote your next event effectively!

Be Authentic

In a world where there’s a lot of content that feels the same, you need to stand out. And the best way to stand out is to be as authentic as you possibly can.

Make sure you highlight the true values of your brand and talk about exactly what you offer. Moreover, be clear about who you are talking to, and what you stand for.

Tell A Story

They say the shortest distance between two people is a story.

With storytelling becoming a popular component of branding and marketing, businesses need to focus on figuring out a way to use it more effectively to inspire a brand personality that clicks with audiences.

When promoting your event, focus on talking about case studies, past events, and anecdotes from past events to help bring the business and its audience closer together.


Interview Attendees

Humans crave connection with people who are like them.

Which means that another great way to promote an event through video is to engage attendees from past events in fun interviews to encourage resonance.

This will also spark relevant conversation, positive interest, and value around the event, as well as show a very real picture of it to the audience that doesn’t come off as market-y or sales-y.

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