3 Ways To Protect Yourself From Cyber Attacks

Every business, large or small is at the risk of a cyber-attack. In most cases, these attacks are done to take over assets that criminals are looking to exploit.

Usually, this includes the business and its customers’ financial information. It can also include the staff and customers’ personal information, the business’ IT infrastructure and services, and other intellectual property.

It is also crucial for business owners to understand that not all cybersecurity threats are external. Sometimes, a business can create vulnerabilities within its own system that leave it more prone to being targeted by cyber-attacks.

Did you know that in 2019, there were over 32,000 reported cybersecurity incidents across different global industries? The finance and information industries were most frequently attacked, and phishing accounted for 38% of all data security incidents.

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Cyber-attacks are increasing in frequency and intensity by the day. In such a situation, it becomes crucial to protect yourself and your data. Use the following tips to prevent cyber-attacks:

Update frequently:

Outdated computer and security systems are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks and can increase the probability of it happening. Usually, updates are rolled out every week or month, and you can customize your device according to when you want it to automatically update.

Updates can cover a wide variety of concerns such as OS, printers, and security. Ensure you routinely update your operating system and security, as hackers look at these first to find and exploit your data.

Avoid third-party applications:

If you don’t need them, avoid downloading third-party applications on your phone or computer. These apps may seem normal, but they can spread malware or ransom ware that exploits vulnerabilities in your system to take it over completely.

These types of malware are used to steal data from a device or gain access over it, and since they don’t go through the same process as in the Google Play Store or the App Store, they are much more dangerous.

Look out for Phishing Scams:

Try to identify phishing scams before they happen. These scams mimic real organizations and their branding to trick people into giving out personal information.

In such a case, it helps train employees to be mindful of emails that look suspicious or ask for personal information. In such a case, you should log into their account directly from the company’s website or call them to verify the email.

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