3 Ways to Use Augmented Reality to Boost Your E-Commerce Business

In today’s technological era, online consumers look for a customized and immersive experience when shopping online. The retail sector is highly competitive, and companies face tremendous difficulties in finding a place in the market. Therefore, many e-commerce businesses look for ways to gain a competitive edge by leveraging the latest technologies.

Augmented Reality (AR) is among the most promising technologies that are revolutionizing the e-commerce industry. It allows businesses who sell products on the online marketplace to provide an interactive experience, which leads to more conversions and an increase in revenue. Here are three ways to use Augmented Reality to boost an e-commerce business

AR virtual product aisle app

AR virtual product aisle is a perfect solution to target customers who like to walk around aisles, compare products, and check out new items available in the store. The AR virtual product aisle app can provide a similar experience by creating virtual aisles and shelves in an augmented reality environment.

For instance, customers can choose items from a virtual shelf with a variety of products, which are projected on the wall of their room using AR technology. They can get more information by simply tapping on the product. Neither will they have to go to a physical store, nor they’ll need to carry the product by themselves.


AR virtual try-on app

You can inspire purchases through virtual try-on solutions. It’s an incredible marvel of augmented reality that can provide online consumers with a life-like experience. It’s ideal for e-commerce businesses who deal in clothing, footwear, jewellery, and products that customers like to try before making a purchase decision.

A good example can be taken from Nike’s try-on app, which enables online shoppers to find the perfect shoe size at the comfort of their home. The AR app can analyse the measurements of the feet and suggest the ideal fit. It strengthens the confidence of online shoppers, minimizes product returns, and leads to improved customer satisfaction.

AR preview placement app

AR preview placement apps are fundamentally changing the e-commerce landscape by allowing customers a hands-on experience of the products. They are heavily used in home décor and furniture industry. Consumers can choose different items, including beds, chairs, tables, and see how they look in their space using augmented reality.

One great example is IKEA’s AR furniture app. It can let consumers place multiple furniture items in their home or office. Customers can move, rotate, and overlay items in a real-time view mode. The AR home decor tool can give a perfect idea of how the furniture will blend with interior décor.


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