How a 3D Product Configurator Helps Boost Sales

We live in an era of customization, which means that products need to be a lot more personalized than before—and that’s where a 3D product configurator comes in!

A 3D product configurator is an interactive tool that gives potential customers the opportunity to view their product in 3D, in addition to customizing its components, colors, and textures to fit their personal needs and preferences.

Not only does this live interaction give the business a more customer-centric feel, but it gives clients an opportunity to have deeper, more influential role in product development—essentially assemble the product of their dreams!

Think about it this way: manufacturers will no longer need to compromise product complexity for personalized, unique experiences; customers will know exactly what to expect from the product when they pick them out.

Let’s look at how a 3D product configurator can help you boost sales:

It cuts your sales cycle in half

Most sales representatives plow through a hefty sales cycle; they reach out to leads with questionnaire and surveys, return to the offices to create packages and mock-ups, and then reach out to potential customers again to discuss their options—and the process keeps on repeating until the client is satisfied with the final product.

The same goes for customers who carry out several visits to retail locations before they make up their mind.

A 3D configurator can accelerate this entire process.

A visual 3D configurator provides shoppers with a base CG model of the product with several changeable features. In just a few clicks, the clients can modify the product according to their preferences. This way the client and the sales rep can confirm a potential purchase right there on the spot!

Plus, the customer no longer needs to investigate the characteristics and features of the product since all the information is right there—in a 3D configurator on the e-commerce site. Their personalized purchase is just a few clicks away—literally!

Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that most industry giants have already capitalized on this new technology. Porsche, for instance, gives its clients the ability to configure their dream car. Using a 3D configurator on the brand’s site, buyers can pick a standard vehicle design and customize the auto’s wheels, color, seat type, leather upholstery, and so on!

Decreases return rates

Studies have shown that e-commerce brands can slash online return rate by up to 80% by using virtual configurators. How? Product configurators not only help clients make faster decisions with more confidence, but also better ones.

Consumers get the chance to explore the merchandize, get an understanding of the items’ features and then buy it. As a result, there are hardly any discrepancies in what they order and what they receive. This decreases the amount of returned goods and leads to an improvement in customer satisfaction.


Configurators can help track customer buying behavior

Understanding customer behavior is key to a successful e-commerce business and a 3D configurator allows websites to do just that. The interactive tool fosters buying behavior, which can then be tracked and analyzed.

Online retailers can track how much time customers spend customizing their purchase and what the preferred design looks like. Compiling this with other marketing data such as sales dynamics, return rates and conversions serves as a ground for informed business decisions.

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