4 Benefits of Choosing a Product Configurator

Although 3D visual product configurators are an emerging technology, they’ve already managed to capture the interest of brands from a variety of product categories. From clothing designers and footwear companies to furniture manufacturers and carmakers, many brands are looking for next-generation configurator software that can integrate seamlessly with their e-commerce platforms.

Wondering why? Here’s a list of the top four reasons why these companies are considering product configurators for their brands—and why you should too!

1. Increased customer engagement

When you offer user-friendly customization options, it automatically translates into visitors spending more time on your website. When they play around with different options and can visualize the end product, they are more likely to buy the product. The feeling of owning a personalized product means that users are also more willing to share their creation or design on social media, which further enhances engagement.


2. Customers are willing to pay more

Customers associate personalized products with higher value and are, thus, willing to pay a premium price for your product. According to Deloitte, customers are willing to pay as high as a 20% premium in some cases to get a unique or personalized product.

3. Rising customer expectations

There’s no doubt that customers want more from brands than ever. A traditional 3D product configurator that’s limited to a simple color change option just won’t cut it. Depending on the offering, modern 3D product configurators can incorporate a wide set of options, including colors, textures, prints, and designs.

4. Your sales team will love it

Many people feel that 3D product configurators only work for B2C businesses—but that’s not necessarily true. Product configurators are ideal for B2B businesses, too, as they can greatly simplify the Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) process for your salespersons. According to Forbes, visual configurators can accelerate sales cycles, reduce customer churn, and increase average deal sizes as users can view different customization options with prices in real-time.


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