4 Challenges Children Face During Online Classes

COVID-19 introduced a new method of learning – online classes. The prolonged lockdown put students’ academics at risk, and therefore, online learning was the best way to cope with it. Although the concept had prevailed long before the pandemic started, it was only during COVID that it became a new normal.

While it offers students an excellent way to learn, it comes with its own challenges. Here are the top four challenges that children usually face during online classes.

Poor Internet Connection

It’s one of the most common problems children face while taking their online sessions. The connection used at home is usually of low bandwidth. Logging in for the class on time is a prime concern of most children and teachers. A poor internet connection can be improved by upgrading your connection’s bandwidth, but it’s still not the best solution.

Compromised Learning

Assessing students through online classes has become significantly difficult. It comes with the challenge of restricting cheating in online tests or exams.

There are always a few students in every class who want to get success through the easy way. Teachers are unable to see beyond the camera’s eye. Cheating puts learning at risk.

Distracting Elements around Children

A studying space of a child must be entirely dedicated to their learning. However, not all students have this advantage, which affects the child’s performance in class. The distracting elements around the child during online classes make them lose concentration and motivation to take the class.

It’s hard for all parents to separate an entire room or space to a child where they can sit and learn. It’s important to have no potential distractions around children while taking their online classes.

Boredom during Online Classes

Online learning appears boring and monotonous to most students. It’s mainly because they are sitting in front of a screen and not actually participating in physical activities. Most teachers are also inexperienced with online teaching, making the situation extra difficult.

It’s on the teacher to make online classes as interactive as possible. Students’ engagement in classes is highly essential for improved learning.

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