4 Clear Solutions for The Biggest Ecommerce Shipping and Fulfillment Problems

Surviving in the ever-changing e-commerce environment can be challenging. Not all businesses can cope with the demand and supply requirements of the industry and are forced out of business.

Businesses that adopt new technologies are able to survive and thrive in this industry.

Shipping is categorized as a top concern for many e-commerce owners because it plays an important part in order fulfillment. In the first few years, you may see an influx of lost packages, order returns, international shipping issues and more—but you can easily navigate through all of that by following these simple tips.

International shipping

International shipping

To be competitive, businesses need to be open to the international shipping. A lot of paperwork and permits are required. The shipping cost of your product will be determined based on the size, weight, and dimensions of the package. In addition to this, you also need to keep in mind country-specific tax and duties.


In order to get a clear idea, use the ‘shipping rate calculator’ provided on various carrier website. But this method will require a lot of manual calculation and comparison, which can increase chances of human error.

For a holistic approach, try using a multi-carrier shipping system for comparable shipping rates.

In addition to providing comparable rates, it will also provide you with the necessary international documentation.

Safe Packaging

Packaging plays a huge role in securing your product and determining freight rate. You could be using wrong-size packaging, paying the extra cost, or damaging your goods with incorrect packaging style. All these mistakes can adversely impact your bottom line.


Inquire multiple carriers about packaging details, to determine industry best practice. Use the right kind of packaging material that can withstand wear and tear in transit process. Use custom-sized boxes to reduce freight cost and secure products. Automated packaging can also be introduced to speed and streamline the packaging process.

With help of a shipping software, products can be packed and properly labeled. All this can reduce human error and improve supply chain efficiency.

High Shipping cost

High cost can be detrimental for your business health.


Use multi-carrier shipping software to compare rates between different carries. Avoid getting into a contract with a single carrier; divide the cost among various carriers.

How to communicate within the supply chain

Effective communication is imperative between suppliers, manufacturers, and carriers. Lack of communication can hinder order fulfillment and make you lose customers.


Use shipping software that lets you communicate internally and externally within the supply chain. Use software to set deadline, highlight order requirements, and keep quality checks.

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