4 Fantastic Tips to Use Facebook Ads for Ecommerce

Facebook has 2.6 billion users worldwide; this means almost every person you know has a Facebook account that allows them to view, shop and review products online. In recent times, Facebook ads have become a great way to garner attention and showcase your services in front of a global audience.

If your digital marketing strategy uses Facebook ads to drive traffic and boost sales, you’re on the right track. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get more clicks and sales:

Intrigue your buyers

One of the best things about the social media giant is its regularly updated features. When it comes to engaging people, you can rely on Facebook to use people’s natural intrigue and draw them to your brand. In this vein, the social media platform has introduced a multi-product carousel that showcases multiple products at the same time and tempts people to click and play with it.

Depending on your marketing strategy, you can use this feature to attract customers toward high-end products or sell maintenance items along with the main article.

Tell a story through video adverts

It’s no secret that humans love a good story that they can connect with. Facebook’s video advert can help you sell your brand more efficiently by engaging customers in visual storytelling. Video adverts on Facebook start playing when you scroll over; this makes people more likely to stop and watch your content. Furthermore, the emoticon reactions on the social media platform can also help you analyze customer engagement.

: A Facebook page on a mobile phone

Boost your well-performing posts

The ‘boost’ option on Facebook is an excellent way to reach new customers. Take an existing popular post that has garnered a lot of attention and boost it to get many more Facebook users. The best thing about a boosted post is that you know it has a fantastic click-through rate and can generate tons of shares.

Focus on building your brand identity

The world is full of, ‘buy our product’ and ‘avail our services’ and the average customer is tired of hearing these slogans. Social media platforms provide an excellent opportunity to build your brand. Think Nike, Adidas, Coca Cola and all those multi-million-dollar companies whose name sells.

Promote your events, host an online workshop, use Facebook stories to give an insight into your manufacturing process and engage your customers through innovative ways. Strengthening your brand identity can boost sales, build your customer base and improve brand loyalty.

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