4 Reasons Why You Need a Website Audit

Your website can experience lower traffic and a lack of growth due to many different reasons if you don’t provide it with proper servicing. Unfortunately, a lot of webmasters tend to wait too long before they realize they need a website audit.

Identifying problems and rectifying them can help you save expensive repairs and ensure optimal performance. Here are some reasons why you should get a website audit done as soon as possible:

Improve your site’s SEO

A website audit can help you pinpoint any issues, such as missing alt text for pictures or page descriptions. These important aspects can significantly impact a site’s performance on different search engines and can reduce your ranking over time.

Improve your site’s performance

A website audit can highlight problems such as long loading times for certain pages. This can put any visitors off your page while affecting your SEO. A good web page should be able to load within milliseconds since you’re not able to control your potential customer’s internet speed.

Make sure your site is accessible through different devices

Many buying decisions take place through mobile devices in this technologically advanced era. Suppose you own a baking company that specializes in cakes and someone’s asking their WhatsApp group for recommendations. In that case, you need to make sure that your website is accessible via mobile devices so that someone can link your page successfully. In order to prevent losing out on potential business, it’s best to get a website audit before launching your business to get enough time to fix any issues.

Provide better privacy and security

Your business has a responsibility of keeping customer information safe and secure—a security breach can cause irreparable damage that you might not be able to bounce back from. Conducting a proper website audit will help give you a comprehensive image of what you need to do to ensure your site’s security.

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Need a hand?

Website audits are invaluable, but they need expert guidance and plenty of time to be effective. If you’ve noticed a drop in your rankings or traffic, Bloom Digital has got you covered!

They’re a creative digital agency in Las Vegas that provides high-quality digital marketing services such as unlimited video editing, professional web design, and technical SEO audit services. They can highlight your website’s strengths and recommend plenty of solutions as well as new opportunities to help you grow your business’s online presence.

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