4 Signs Your Phone Needs A Battery Replacement

Smartphones are now a necessity— they keep you connected with the world and provide endless entertainment. So, what do you look for when you buy a smartphone? Camera results, internal memory, graphics, android or iPhone, and battery life are the basic features that people look for in a mobile. A smartphone that works for 8-10 hours without charging seem like a good investment, but with time battery life deteriorates.

After a few years, the battery either takes longer to recharge or doesn’t charge at all. People end up changing their phones thinking there is a problem with the software, whereas their problem can be easily fixed by replacing the battery from a wholesale mobile accessories provider.

Here are some signs that will tell you that you need a battery replacement.

Its Dead

If your smartphone is dead and has not experienced a fall or a nice dip in the pool, then chances of problems with the battery are really high. If all your hard work of bringing your mobile to life, by recharging it with an OEM charger, have failed, then call out the time of death.

Smartphone manufacturers like Samsung make their phones compatible with third party batteries, whereas iPhone’s battery needs to be replaced by an authorized battery.

Need Continuous Power Supply

Batteries stop delivering optimal performance due to wear over time. If your smartphone lights up when connected to a charger, but dies out on you once disconnected from the power source it could be indicative of a battery that is no longer able to hold the charge. If you don’t want to replace your battery, you can buy an external battery or a USB device to keep your phone charged.

Dies Out Quickly

Did your phone die out on you in the middle of the day even after a good night recharge? Your phone indicates it’s fully charged, but runs out of power before 8-10 hours. You need to be vigilant of your usage as well, if you are playing video games and live stream videos all day long, your phone will be drained out of power quickly. You can carry a power bank or replace your battery to increase your battery life.

Phone Overheat

Batteries generate heat when recharging, but a properly functioning battery internalizes heat to protect smartphones from damage. If your device is heating up when charging, it’s time to change the battery. Before you buy a new battery for iPhone or Samsung from a wholesaler, investigate the source of heat. You might have left the phone to charge in a sunny spot, which does not call for a battery replacement.

Battery Expands With Heat

Overheating and general wear causes the battery to expand. Lift your mobile and examine the battery area. If the back of your phone is protruding, this calls for an immediate battery change.

Replace your old battery with a quality and authentic battery adaptable to your iPhone, Motorola, or Samsung. It’s better to buy mobile accessories and parts from online wholesalers like MobilEnzo. They provide quality, cost-effective and variety of mobile accessories, mobile cases, mobile parts, mobile batteries, and mobile screens.

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