4 Things to Know When Buying a Scissor Lift Table

Easy to use, safer and ergonomically sound than your typical table, the scissor lift table is considered to be the best option for companies that are involved in production tasks.

Scissor lift tables make it easier to unload, load and move things forward. Ergo, they make production faster and more efficient since those using the table have no need for bending, reaching or lifting – repetitive actions that can take their toll on the body.

If you’re considering buying a scissor lift table fscissor-lift-tableor your production tasks, here are some things you should consider before purchasing.

1. The Intended Use

You’ll have an overwhelming number of choices. It’s best to narrow down your selection by determining the intended use of your scissor table first so you don’t get confused. Some factors for doing so include whether you need any added features, a different style or an increased capacity for the lift. Analyze your need and use that to go through your selection.

2. Mobility for Assembly

Scissor lift tables can be fixed in a specific location or can be mobile. If your business focuses more on assembly and production, a fixed-location lift would be a better option. Otherwise a mobile lift table would work, especially if you dabble in construction or maintenance. With mobile lifts, look for man lifts that is powered by gas or battery, since you won’t always find a power socket to get electricity.

3. Workload

Typically, any scissor lift that has more capacity would have a higher price tag as well. If you have a bigger load that has to be moved, you might need to spend more. But instead of thinking it as an expense, consider this purchase as an investment, since you’ll definitely benefit from its use in the long run.

4. Multiple Safety Features

Your safety and that of your employees is of the utmost importance. Usually, safety features for a scissor lift table include emergency buttons, safety buttons and lanyards, to name a few. Safer machines save time and money and increase work efficiency as well so that’s always a plus.

Bonus Factor – Height

Consider the maximum height of the products that you would use the lift for so there’s no issue in moving those loads to another location. Also, find out the height of the scissor lift when it’s collapsed so there’s no storage or moving issue either.

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