5 Benefits of a Glass Screen Protector

Tablet and smartphone screens are most vulnerable to scratches to cracks, irrespective of marketing claims. This is why it’s impotant to invest in glass screen protectors. These protectors are made out of liquid glass and help protect phone screens from any potential damage.

Here are some of the benefits of a glass screen protector.

Scratch Protection

Protection from scratches is a huge benefit of a glass screen protector. However, be sure to get one made out of tempered glass and with a 9H anti-scratch rating for maximum protection. Glass protectors with a 9H rating are already tested for scratch, shock, and impact resistance.

Crack and Shattering Protection

Black iPhone 7 with a cracked screen

A glass screen protector works just fine in protecting your tablet or smartphone from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A glass screen protector is applied on a device screen as an extra screen that takes all the impact instead of the original screen when the device is potentially dropped.

Inexpensive to Replace

Why protect a screen from a material that can break or crack as easily as the screen?  Glass screen protectors come at a very economical cost when compared to a phone screen and replacing them doesn’t affect the after-sale market of your device.

Fingerprint Protection

Oil and moisture from your hands can easily build up on your device’s screen. This build-up can lead to smudges. Some glass screen protectors use a special coating over the screen that prevents the marking of your fingerprints over the screen. This keeps fingerprints invisible to the naked eye, allowing a flawless display to all users at all times.

Variety of sizes

From HTC to Apple, you can find a screen protector for almost every single phone. Finding a new screen for a specific model of a specific smartphone manufacturer can at times turn out to be difficult or expensive.

A glass screen protector is a very practical and sensible purchase for people who want to protect their tablets and smartphones from finger discoloration and screen damages at an economical price.

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