5 Clear Signs Your Organization Needs a VoIP Phone System

Surviving the ever-changing business environment requires businesses and startups to stay updated with the latest technological advancements. Incorporating faster, more efficient technology can make your staff more productive, your business more successful and your streamline your operations.

Same is the case with communication technology. Proper communication between staff members and customers is vital to the success of any business. Even if your business is still in its infancy; having a more professional, automated communication system could not just simplify your operations but could also cut costs!

According to Future Market Insights (FMI), Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) subscriptions are slated to more than double from 2012 to 2020: from 98.9 billion to 204.8 billion! If you too are thinking of becoming part of the winning curve but are unsure if your business needs VoIP, here are a few telltale signs to look for!

You’re Spending Hundreds on Phone Bills Every Month

The biggest advantage of moving over to VoIP phone systems is the significant financial benefits it offers. On an average, businesses spend an excess of $150 on on-site visits from phone technicians per visit!

Implementing a VoIP system completely eliminates the requirement of any on-site visits after the installation. This is because the portal can be accessed from anywhere in the world by anyone with an active internet connection. Most VoIP systems also offer flat rates for their services, helping you cut down on extra costs and making telephone billing ten times easier!


You Have Remote Employees

You want to stay in easy touch with your employees at all working hours. More and more businesses are becoming more geographically diverse and are hiring more remote workers than ever before.

If your existing internal communications system is unable to reach employees who are not on-site, it might be a sign to upgrade to a VoIP system!

A cloud phone system can help you reach employees in any corner of the world just as you would if they were in the same office at the same flat rates, using just your standard mobile phones and laptops!

You’ve Reached Maximum Capacity

If your business has started growing but you’re unable to add more extensions and the customers keep getting busy signals or “no service”, you might need to upgrade your existing system!

Reports show that only 4% of customers who reach busy phone lines come back to do business with the same vendor. Your outdated phone system could be costing you some valuable sales!

You Need More Features

Adding a teleconferencing solution to your plain old telephone systems (POTs) may end up costing you an arm and a leg! On the other hand, an effective VoIP system offers cheaper integration of conference calling, teleconferencing and call recording features, as well as more comprehensive features, including CRM integration.

You’re Using Obsolete Phone Systems

Operating off phone hardware that is no longer manufactured is risky business, as it can put a temporary stop to operations when the hardware inevitably fails, costing you time and money. Replacements for phones that are no longer being manufactured are costly, hard to find and also require expert attention for installation.

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