5 Most Common Smartwatch Repair Problems In 2021

Smartwatches used to be a product that only appealed to tech enthusiasts. However, they are quickly becoming a must-have gadget for everyone.

Global smartwatch sales have increased from 37 million units in 2016 to 148 million units this year and are further expected to grow to 258 million by 2025.

Smartwatch use is increasing globally

However, like other electronic devices, smartwatches aren’t without their own set of problems. While smartwatches are increasingly getting smarter, and the technology is improving drastically, customers face some common issues that you should be aware of.

So, without further ado, these are the five most common smartwatch problems that customers are facing in 2021.

1. Battery Draining

For a device that you’re supposed to be wearing all the time, it’s ironic that smartwatches don’t offer a lot in the way of battery retention. It’s no secret that smartwatch battery life is measured in hours, not days.

Features such as Always On Display further contribute to your smartwatch battery draining quickly. Similarly, your smartwatch being linked to multiple devices also contributes to faster battery draining.

You can try disabling background apps, dimming the brightness, and turning off features that you don’t use to prolong your battery life.

2. Touchscreen Issues

These problems mainly occur after users drop their watch or expose it to water. Yes, even water-resistant watches can start glitching after water exposure. Some users even report having touch screen issues on new devices.

Smartwatch user facing touchscreen issues

Technically, there’s not much you can do if your touchscreen starts glitching, so you must take your watch to a smart watch screen repair expert.

3. Voice Control Issues

Voice command issue is another common problem that users of all smartwatch brands are facing. Users complain that their watch doesn’t listen to their commands, while others say that their device doesn’t understand what they’re saying at all.

Voice control issues can be dealt with by trying different voice tones and volumes and reducing the background noise. However, beyond that, there’s really not much you can do.

4. Charging Issues

Another frequent complaint with smartwatch owners is that their smartwatch wouldn’t charge. Charging issues could mean that your charging brick or cable isn’t working. However, more often than not, they indicate a problem with the charging port.

You can first check by charging your smartwatch with a different charging cable. However, getting your charging port fixed will require you to contact an expert.

5. Cracked or Broken Screen

There’s no shame in admitting it; we all drop things. Broken or cracked screens are a common issue with smartwatches.

Oftentimes, the screen becomes unresponsive, and even if the screen is working fine, nobody likes to wear a watch with a broken or cracked screen. The solution, as you probably already guessed, is to get it repaired. Keep in mind that a repair isn’t always possible, and you may need a screen replacement.

Deal with Smartwatch Repair Issues with JAGEN

The problem with smartwatch repair is that not all phone repair experts have the same level of experience and expertise with smartwatch repair. While some will excuse, others might try and leave your smartwatch even worse off than before.

This is why you need to get in touch with experts who know precisely how to solve your smartwatch issues. That’s where JAGEN comes in, offering comprehensive smartwatch repair services in Long Beach, CA, Orange County, and Los Angeles. Give them a call or get in touch at repair@jagen.cloud.

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