5 Cyber Security Vulnerabilities You Might Be Overlooking

According to a CSO report, cyber attacks caused average losses of $1.3 million to enterprise companies and $117,000 to small and medium-sized businesses in 2017. The report adds that cyber attacks have a hidden financial cost that “can amount to 90 percent of the total business impact on an organization.”

Security vulnerabilities can put your company’s confidential data and information at risk. Besides the financial losses, cyber attacks can tarnish your reputation within seconds.

Before you create or revamp your company’s cyber security policy, it is important to take a look at some of the most common issues that you might be overlooking.

Networked printers

Printers are among the most commonly used equipment at the workplace. But, your printers pose a security threat as they have outdated firmware. Consequently, this can lead to espionage and data loss. One way to prevent a printer from attacks is by updating its firmware regularly.

Social media scams

Social media has revolutionized business marketing. Without adequate security measures, your business profile can easily be hacked.

Monitor your social media accounts regularly and if you notice anything suspicious, report it the concerned authority immediately.

Social engineering

Socially engineered malware and data-encrypting ransomware are responsible for millions of hacks each year. Update your anti-malware software regularly to protect yourself.

Unpatched software

Unpatched software makes online surging easier. A common example of unpatched software is a browser add-on, such as Adobe Reader.

However, these programs can be sabotaged anytime. To resolve this issue, make sure that the patching is perfect.

Aging infrastructure

Finally, if you are using aged IT equipment, there’s a great chance that it might be compromised. This is especially true for outdated firmware.

To resolve this issue, upgrade your devices regularly. Do not use hardware or software that is over a year beyond vendors’ stated end-of-support dates.

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