5 Effective Marketing Ideas for Automotive Repair Shops

Marketing is the most crucial function for auto shops, including start-ups and established companies.

A well-designed marketing plan engages and attracts customers, increases brand awareness and promotes customer loyalty. Therefore, it is safe to say that a marketing campaign can make or break any business.

However, not every auto repair business can afford expensive TV commercials or SEO marketing campaigns.

Small firms, in particular, are unable to invest in these marketing channels due to financial challenges.

If you are searching for low-cost, but effective, marketing ideas for your auto repair shop, follow these strategies:

Thank-you note

A simple thank-you note goes a long in way in retaining customers. The simplest way to show appreciation to your customers for choosing your business is to email them. Email is simple, quick and free. Keep the email short, concise, but meaningful. This will help win them over.

Social media

Along with email, majority of your customers are likely to have a social media account. If you want to spread the word about your shop, create Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Social media is a great marketing tool. Not only can you sell your services, but you can keep in touch with your customers on social networks.

To build your business presence online, share videos and photos of auto parts and accessories. Use this convenient channel to post interesting and relevant content and establish your brand position.

Service reminders

Send a text or email to customers about their next car maintenance service. Create a list of your customers mentioning their contact details. Service reminders are an effective way to retain customers.

Similarly, if you are offering a new service or discount, you can provide your customers information about it.


You can ask your customers for feedback. Ask them to post their feedback on your social media accounts or website. Whether positive or negative, customer feedback serves as word-of-mouth referral.

Auto shop software

Finally, auto management software is the best solution to all your marketing issues. The software comes with a variety of features to elevate your marketing efforts.

Using the software can expand your customer base and get your company’s name out there. If you want to gain a competitive edge over other auto shops, invest in LANKAR. The efficient, reliable auto shop management tool offers a wide range of solutions, including service reminders, promotions, and more.

It also provides professional invoicing, accounting and payroll services, technician management, job scheduling and more. Call 800 446 3087 (North America) or 905 709 7923 (International) to get more information.



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