5 Mistakes Holding You Back From Digital Marketing Success

Digital marketing is no longer an afterthought for businesses.

From blog content to social media marketing, digital marketing strategies entail a plethora of opportunities for business, not just to enhance brand recognition, but also to improve customer engagement, optimize conversion rate and improve ROI.

That said, while the potential in digital marketing is undoubtedly immense, you can’t get out there without being prepared. Research shows that only 58% of marketers find success in achieving their marketing goals. The rest become engulfed in problems, many not shortly after launching their campaigns.

Why? Here are top five likely reasons of digital marketing failure:

Zero Strategy

Ever heard the saying “failing to plan is planning to fail”? It applies to digital marketing too. Before you launch that content on your website and those ads on Facebook, pause. Sit back, and form a plan.

Every marketer needs a strategy, a plan based on data and analysis of those numbers. Who are the target audiences? Which digital platforms are they found on, and what percent of them are there? The key to not failing is asking questions like these before, not after. You need to ascertain your key performance indicators (KPIs), set a timeline, and have milestones in place.

Ignoring the Audience

Market what you know consumers want, not what you think they want. It’s all well and good to introduce and push a certain idea toward your audience, but how about you at least have a notion of whether it will sell or not before you get to that no-turning-back stage?


Online polls and surveys are amazing tools to understanding consumer preferences. Make use of Facebook survey, Instagram story polls and similar tools to identify people’s needs. Also, check out how your competitors are faring with their marketing strategies and tactics.

Not Using SEO

Search Engine Optimization—three magic words, tons of strategies involved, and a bunch of benefits. Marketers who ignore SEO, particularly small business marketers, are likely to fail to increase their reach.

According to Internet Live Stats, the Google search engine receives more than 60,000 searches every second. That’s A LOT of people looking for products, services and ideas. Without SEO, your website content is as good as useless.  With the right set of keywords and link-building techniques, you’re good to go!

Irresponsive Web

Is your website able to resize according to the mobile devices it is visited through? No? We’ve got some bad news.

In a world where approximately 60% of online access happens primarily on mobile, people want websites to be readable on their smartphones and tablets. According to Google, 18% of local searches can potentially end with sales transactions on the same day… and most of these searches are conducted on mobile devices. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly.

Taking Shortcuts

From paying to increase follower count to using spammy keyword to increase viewership, steer clear of all black hat digital marketing techniques.

Google algorithms and the algorithms of leading social media platforms are smart. They will identify content that’s created using unfair techniques and will penalize it. Not only will you have wasted time on that content, but ALL of your present content impede your long-term marketing efforts.

Go for a reputable digital marketing team to launch your digital campaigns strategically and avoid any illegal methods. NextMediaDigital offers customized online digital and social media marketing strategy. Check out their services.

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