5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Accept Bitcoin

Make no mistake about it; Bitcoin is the talk of the town as far as finances go. With the cryptocurrency reaching unprecedented heights in late 2017/early 2018, public interest in Bitcoin is at an all-time high. This has led many business-owners to ponder whether or not the time is right for them to accept Bitcoin as a payment method.

If you find yourself in the same boat and if you’re unsure whether or not to accept cryptocurrencies, here are 5 reasons why you should instantly jump on the Bitcoin bandwagon.

1. No More Chargebacks:

The biggest advantage of using Bitcoin as a payment method is that it eliminates credit card chargebacks. If your customers (i.e. the consumers) are dissatisfied by the products you sell and they want a refund, your credit card company could charge you (i.e. the merchant) as high as $100 per transaction!

This simply isn’t the case with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as they have minimal chargebacks as compared to traditional credit cards.

2. Lower Fees:

Speaking about lower casts than traditional credit cards, the same holds true for your customers too as cryptocurrencies circumvent most transaction fees. For comparison, consider the example of a hypothetical customer of yours who buys a product priced at $500.

Now if this payment was made using conventional payment methods like Visa or MasterCard, the two financial juggernauts would’ve charged a flat 2.5% fee for their services. In other words, your customers would have to pay $512.5 for a product priced at $500.


On the other hand, if the same payment was made using Bitcoin, only a 0.2% transaction fee would’ve been charged!

3. Track Record of Success:

The naysayers of Bitcoin will have you believe that all cryptocurrencies are ‘scams’ and that accepting Bitcoin is a risky move, even though none of this is true. In fact, accepting Bitcoin has proven to be an extremely profitable course of action.

For example, we all know the instrumental role WikiLeaks has played in holding corrupt officials (and in some entire governments) accountable for their heinous crimes. But, did you know, the site would’ve been seriously underfunded and might even have been closed down permanently had it not accepted donations via Bitcoin?

In fact, there have been countless examples of people accepting cryptocurrencies to fund their dreams. Recently, the Jamaican Bobsledding Olympic team accepted donations made in cryptocurrencies to buy equipment and plane tickets to play in the Sochi Olympic Games! All these instances just prove that people are more than willing to accept payments made in Bitcoin.

4. Increased Clientele:

Believe it or not but accepting payments via Bitcoin can significantly increase your clientele. Not only do cryptocurrencies help you bring new clients on board, but it can also help you reconnect with clients that have stopped using your services. The influx of new customers can do wonders for your sales and increase your revenue to boot!

5. It’s Not Rocket Science:

Contrary to popular belief, accepting Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies isn’t rocket science. All one needs to is generate forwarding addresses and you’re good to go!

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