5 Reasons To Buy Hoshizaki Ice Dispensers For Your Business

No meal is considered complete without a chilled drink. Yet, an ice machine is, unfortunately, the least thought of commercial restaurant equipment.

A food service business can hardly survive without one. So, it is imperative that business managers choose a machine that meets their ice making and dispensing needs.

Whether you’re operating a bar or a restaurant, Hoshizaki ice dispensers can help you satisfy your customers with chilled happiness. These dispensers are not only efficient, but also provide a number of benefits in terms of design and capacity.

Cube-shaped ice

While ice dispensers can provide flaked, nuggets and even gourmet ice, cubes are the most popular. Why? Because they melt slowly!

Fast-melting ice waters down quickly, leaving a drink tasteless. But, these slowly melting cubes last longer. They not only preserve the flavor, but also keep the drink chilled throughout the meal.

In more casual settings, dispensers are used by customers for self-service. Cube-styled ice makes it easier for customers to decide how much they need in their drink.

Dispensing capacity

Hoshizaki provides you with a range of choices for ice dispensing. If you own a bar where you consistently need ice, then you would need a dispenser with more capacity. Hoshizaki’s cubelet styled DCM-751BAH ice maker produces 801 lbs of ice and has a 95 lb built-in storage.

But if you own a small eatery, you should go with DCM-500BWH model which produces 567 lbs of ice and has a 40 lb built-in storage.

Counter-top or standalone models

Both countertop and standing models are available depending on your usage. Restaurants with high ice production requirement usually opt for countertop models to save free space.

On the other hand, bars and eateries where self-service is preferred, choose standing dispensers. The DB-130H ice dispenser has 130-lbs storage capacity and has 6” legs for stable positioning. It has a push button for easy ice dispensing and gives out as much as 20 lbs of cubes every minute.

Stainless steel exterior

These ice dispensers have a stainless steel exterior which provides two main benefits. First advantage is that stainless steel is comparatively more resistant to damage. Secondly, it is easy to keep clean, giving a new, finished look for longer.

Antimicrobial Agent

These dispensers are protected with an antimicrobial agent, keeping the areas clean, and the ice hygienic for consumption.

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