5 Signs your Computer May Be Infected

Viruses and malware are software used by hackers to inflict damage to your computer’s primary components and to steal important data from your computer. Such programs expose your data and risk your privacy and security.

It’s difficult to tell whether your computer is infected or not if it’s not protected by firewall and antivirus programs, but some signs can indicate if something is not right. You can get tech support online through remote computer repair in Orlando or other places in the US.

Let’s discuss some of the signs of an infected computer:

Your Computer is Slow

A very prominent sign that your computer may be infected is when it starts taking noticeably longer to start or programs take ages to open. There could be multiple reasons behind the slow performance of a computer, like RAM malfunction, lack of space on the hard disk, and heavy programs in the startup list. But if your computer has neither of these issues, the chances are that your computer is infected.

Too Many Pop-up Windows

One or two odd pop-ups are fine when you use internet browsers, but if they appear too frequently on your screen unexpectedly, it’s likely your PC has adware. Adware is downloaded to your system when you accidentally or thoughtlessly click suspicious links on a website or in your email.

Never click on weird ads that prompt you of a virus and ask you to click a link to install an antivirus.

Excessive Hard Disk Activity

If your hard disk is continuously active without a program running, it may signify that your computer is infected.

Missing Files

Missing files are a typical case of malware. Malware deletes important files needed to run a program or moves them to another location. A clear sign of such malware is that you try to open a program, and it fails to run due to a missing file.

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Restricted Access to Files or Folders

If you see that you cannot access a particular file or folder on your computer anymore, ransomware may be the culprit. This happens when a hacker breaks into your system when you click a link in email, messengers, or websites. The ransomware installs itself on your computer, deactivates your firewall and security software, and provides access to the hacker. The hacker goes through your files and folders and restricts your access to certain folders. They ask for ransom in the form of bitcoins in return for access to the folder again.

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You should always keep your virus definitions updated to avoid malware and viruses. If your computer has malfunctioned or you have lost important data, you can contact computer tech companies nearby or get tech support online. Some computer tech companies in Orlando, like 888 Fix My PC, provide remote tech support. They ensure your computer is back in function with maximum upgraded security.

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