5 Strategic Steps To Draw In Your Social Media Audience

Enter the social aspect of the digital marketing domain, where users are far more curious about a business’s practices. For most brands and businesses, social media marketing involves creating and publishing relevant content, increasing their follower base, and receiving a positive response. As a result, they expect to generate more sales, and work towards business growth.   

The need to keep the social media game going strong is now more important than ever. The total number of users engaged on social media platforms was around 2.8 billion in January 2017.

The question is: how do you spark interest in your social media platforms and enhance your visibility? A few simple steps will take you to the online social position you envision for your business.

1. Practice consistent posting

Your followers want you to be visible. If your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn account goes far too long without any new posts/ pictures/ tweets, your followers will soon lose interest in your business and forget about you.

2. Develop content specific to platform

A post that works on Instagram may not necessarily work on Twitter, despite the similarity of “hashtagging”.

A marketing strategy needs to be tailored to different types of users of in various platforms. Take a look at the analytics for a certain platform, before you proceed on creating content on it. Pew Research Center provides updates analytical data for social media activities on certain platforms.

3.Engage in direct conversations

Make your target audience feel like they matter to you, especially if they take the first step in reaching out to you.

Posts and updates go as far as addressing the general viewership. Direct messages can help you develop better business-customer relationships. Provide one-on-one customer service by addressing concerns/ issues that come your way, and encourage feedback.

4. Avoid sudden activities

There is a maximum and minimum “ethical” limit to how much you can post on social media platforms in a day. Avoid sudden bursts of updates and content. Too many posts and pictures on your Facebook followers’ feeds or too many tweets on your Twitter account in a day, and you may end up losing your target audience.

5. Create special incentives

People may be more interested in your social activities if you provide offers and promotions exclusive to social platforms. A survey on Twitter found that 52% of the platform’s users follow a brand in order to be notified on their special offers. Nothing works as well as promotions and freebies do in building a larger following.

Establishing a follower base for your social media platforms takes time, and these five steps will help you turn potential followers into prospective fans and loyal customers of your brand.

The author of this guest post, Carlos Ribero manages Miami social media marketing services for nextMEDIA. The digital marketing agency specializes in social media management services for business in Miami and beyond. Visit them at www.next-mediainc.com  to find out more about what they offer.

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