5 Things You Should Never Do When Marketing Your Book Online

According to Statista, e-books are expected to generate around $20 billion in revenue by 2018. Publishers and authors can breathe a sigh of relief that interest in their books and sales aren’t going to dwindle.

However, with such a massive industry for e-books, one must wonder how they’re going to ensure that they earn their share of that projected $20 billion. Here, we focus on the most basic component of the e-book industry, marketing them online and what we mustn’t do when spreading the word about our book online.

Not Accepting Your Work

The worst thing you can do is keep your book on the down-low because you fear someone’s remark.

You spent a long time writing your book and you should be proud of it. Even if you are an introvert and not exactly averse to screaming from the rooftops “I wrote a book!” you must still market it online on Facebook and numerous other social media platforms. Reach out to readers and ask them to review your work, spread the word as much as you can.

Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself, “I wrote a book and I should be proud!”

Worry about Offending People

Every chance you get, do what you can to promote your book. Hand out newsletters, give business cards, communicate with other authors and readers, and support each other about the work you all do.

If you keep worrying that oh, I’m always talking about my book, that person is going to unfollow me, you won’t move any further.

Think about your book as a brand. It’s a name that must spread. Treat it as a product from a marketing standpoint, rather than your brain’s baby.

Not Investing in Online Ads

Brush up on Google Adwords and you’ll see how easy it is to advertise your book online. Online ads are projected to generate around $330 billion by 2021. Use it to your advantage and bring your book to the forefront.

Marketing is all about using the necessary portals to promote a product. If word-of-mouth isn’t doing it for you, use Google ads or other ad services. Start with a $1 bid and move on from there.

Be cautious about print ads. Though if someone asks to write an article on your book for their print magazine, say yes straight away!

Bribing and Paying Reviewers

The online audience has become quite adept at spotting fakers online. This is why paying people to write fake reviews online are a no-no.

Instead, find bloggers, Instagrammers and others who have a substantial following and are willing to review your book by posting online. Potential readers will be more likely to buy your book online because they’ll trust those people.

And since the book community is quite supportive, all you might need to do is send your book to them. They’ll be more than happy to talk about the book.

Spending More Time Marketing and Not Writing

While your first book does serve as the stepping stone for all future book marketing, don’t just focus on promoting that first edition.

Most readers will be more likely to read more of your work if you already have more in store for them. Offer updates on your progress for any future books you’re writing and write.

As an author, you know you’ll find any reason not to write (it happens!). But if you want to become a legitimate writer, you must have more work in progress otherwise your readers won’t stick around.

Use the Right Platform to Promote Your Book

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Use the tips above to market your book online properly. And sell your book on ChatEBooks to develop your own fan following of dedicated readers!

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