5 Things To Look For In A High-Quality Television Set

LED. OLED. Smart TV. HDR. 4K. The world of televisions is expanding every day, getting more high-tech…and more confusing to shop in. Today, when you walk in a store or visit on online, you’ll find everything from big-screen bargains to high-end sets that cost more than all your kitchen appliances together.

Finding the perfect TV has basically turned into a science. To make it easier for you to navigate the many features, here is a brief breakdown of the five key things to look for in a new TV.

1. Picture quality is the first and foremost priority

Every other feature comes after. Pick a TV that offers that best picture for the price you can pay. OLED screen is far superior than LED/LCD screens, but they are expensive (usually over $2000).

If you are looking for something cheaper, choose a LED TV; these start out below $500. After that, you’ve got LCD TVs. These offer HD quality picture too, and you can find a nice one for a couple hundred bucks.

2. Image definition (resolution) is not optional anymore

HDTV offers a relatively better resolution (the number of pixels in each dimension) than standard video signals. In simple term, it offers sharper picture and improved color fidelity, lacking the color interference issues of previously video image formats. If you are looking for a great TV without breaking the bank, HDTV is a good option.

3. The shape of the TV is not a big deal

Curved TVs look quite high-tech, and you may persuade to buy one for a higher price, but don’t be fooled. While quite stylish, curved TVs don’t actually add to the quality of an image, so a flat screen will be just fine for every purpose.


4. You may not need a Smart TV, but you’ll end up with one

Every TV today is smart TV, integrated with features such as Wi-Fi connection and easy access to apps such as Netflix and Hulu. It’s not a big deal, so don’t be tricked into going along with a higher price tag. Focus on picture and sound. Speaking of which…

5. It’s common to find a TV with an excellent sound

If you find a TV with amazing quality, but the sound is not enough to fill up the room, don’t take it out of your list just yet. TVs today are thinner, which is why the built-in sound systems lack the oomph of older TVs. Prepare to invest in a separate sound system.

These cover the basics of TV shopping but are important for any buyer nevertheless.

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