5 Tips To Help You Crush Your Small Business’s Instagram Takeover

Do you want to expand your brand’s reach, build your followers on social media, drive online conversations, and establish a great reputation?

Lucky for you, Instagram is a treasure trove of massive users and attractive tools to create creative content and measure data—just the things you need to drive your business towards success.

With a cool 800+ million user base, it’s no surprise that Instagram can help businesses get a lot of attention.

Unlike a website, Instagram enables businesses to connect with their audience on a more personal level. With regular posts and customer interactions, you can get all the information you need to understand what your target audience likes, what it doesn’t, and best of all, what they think—about you.

The benefits of using Instagram marketing are many—provided you market your business on this channel the right way. These tips will help you kick-start your campaign:

Find your target audience

This is the step that determines whether you are marketing your products and services to the right customer.

Our advice: make use of customer profiles. Identify your market on Instagram and create personas (customer profiles) with relevant demographics, instersts and demands.

You can also observe your competitors to study their customers, because they can be yours too. Find out who is truly interested in what you have to offer.

Keep your content consistent

Once you have your sights on your audience, it’s time to create the content that appeals to them. We’re talking engaging photos, catchy captions, and details that are not too long as to bore the viewer, but not too short that you leave it to them to make the wrong assumptions.

Keep your content relevant to your brand

Too many startups make the mistake of using the wrong hashtags, intentionally or unintentionally, or using photos with descriptions that don’t match. Remind your prospects and customer what your business stands for by keeping your posts and offers relevant.

Focus on engagement

Facebook may be the king on social media in terms of number of users, but when it comes to engagement, Instagram takes the lead. In fact, Instagram gives brands up to 400% more engagement than Facebook!

With the right timing for posting content, the right hashtags, and making use of interactive Instagram features such as stories with polls and location tags, you can turn your Instagram account into a fantastic social hub.

Make use of video features

Single-image posts and carousels alone do not create the kind of diversity your audience needs to see on your Instagram page. With videos in both posted content and stories, you have the prime opportunity of making your business seem more realistic and dynamic.

Many businesses are now using videos to take their customers behind-the-scenes and show them how the products they love are made. Others use this feature to show the customers the best ways to use their products. It’s these short videos that can enable your audience to view you in a relatable, fun light.

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