5 Tips For Making Your Instagram Takeover Effective and Far-Reaching

Instagram takeovers seem like a recent trend but they have been around for many years now. The very first Instagram takeovers took place in 2012. Brands like the Food Republic and Burberry had influencers taking over their feeds.

What started as a fun collaboration between brands and influencers has now turned into an important aspect of Instagram marketing strategies for brands and businesses. Takeovers are so trendy and effective because it’s a win-win scenario for both parties involved.

Brands get to diversify their feed with user-generated content while hosts can expand their reach. For an Instagram takeover, your follower count isn’t as important as the alignment of your message with the brand.

Creating an effective and far-reaching Instagram takeover may sound like a simple task but it’s really not. Here’s what you can do to make it work:

1. Promoting Your Takeover

When it comes to creating effective Instagram content, viewership is the key. To get that viewership, you need to promote your takeover effectively.

This can be done by posting on your Instagram feed, using the Instagram Live feature, promoting on other social channels such as Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook.

Another effective way is to spend money on advertising to let the audience other than your followers know about the takeover. You can also create branded hashtags so your takeover is easy to search not only on Instagram but on other social channels as well.

2. Show, Don’t Tell

Takeovers usually last for a day so you’ll have a lot of time to interact with the viewers. As you take them along with you, make sure you start with a proper introduction. During the takeover, give the audience something memorable. This can include interviews and tips for the audience.

Encourage the viewers to ask questions and don’t be shy about sharing real daily moments. Showing the hustle and the struggle allows the audience to connect with you.


3. Stand Out

Instagram takeovers are becoming so increasingly common that the need to stand out in the sea of content is evident. The goal should be to provide a unique experience that the audience can’t find on any other takeovers. Find something interesting to do that is also relevant to the cause.

4. Use Instagram Features

Instagram is a platform stacked with features and is always looking to bring something new and fresh to the table. It recently introduced Question stickers in Instagram Stories and then there’s the hyped vertical video platform IGTV.

Using these features creatively can help increase the reach and gain a larger audience for your takeover. Be sure to use location tag, branded hashtags, facial filters, emojis, polls, and stickers. The upshot is to make sure you give the audience every chance to interact with you!

5. End Strong

A strong ending is an essential part of every story. After interacting, bonding, and sharing with the viewers for an entire day, it’s time to close with a positive call to action. You can end with a post sharing your website, social media channels, a piece of advice, or any other relevant information.

For accounts with 10k followers and access to Swipe Up feature, you can simply add a link that takes the viewers to your content. Overall, content creation and proper execution can lead brands to expand their reach and build deeper relationships with the community.


Instagram takeovers are a great way to interact with your audience, and using them properly can get you that bump in the follower count that you’ve been looking for.

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