5 Tips to Optimize Your Google My Business Listings

Google My Business (GMB) is a popular platform used by businesses in a range of industries as part of their local search marketing efforts. Local search helps businesses get found on Google Maps.

For businesses-to-consumer companies, high rankings for their GMB listings are critical to attracting customers who are looking for something geographically close to where they are searching.

If your local business wants to direct organic traffic to your website as well as foot traffic to your bricks and mortar location, take a look at these tips which can help you to optimize your GMB listings.

Update your contact information

When you create a business profile on GMB, make sure it’s up-to-date with relevant information about your brand, services, and products. Your business’s name, office address, phone number and website url are the minimal basic information you need to maintain a GMB account. Make sure this information is consistent with the same information that’s on your website.

Also including a phone number helps Google’s algorithm detect that you’re locally based improving your search credibility and increasing your chances of appearing higher on search engine results.

It’s also a good idea to include your hours of operations and a business description so that if someone doesn’t click through to your website, they can still get the information they need on your GMB profile. Your GMB profile should act as a one-stop-shop for anyone who wants to visit your location or call you for more information.

Multiple locations

If you have multiple locations, be sure to set up a web page on your site for each location that contains their own address, phone number and a url extension. Then, instead of linking to your Home Page, link that extension page to that particular location’s GMB account.

Post relevant content

One of the best things about GMB is that it allows you to connect with your users directly. Your GMB account enables you to post engaging content in the Google Posts section of your profile. You can link blogs or articles from your website, or post shorter original blogs, articles or promotional announcements.

Use high-resolution images

People are visual by nature. And what studies on online content have proven, is that people don’t read every word of your post. They scan read and look at your images or they view your videos. GMB posts with photos or images are 42 percent more likely to get clicked. Make the most out of this optimization tactic by always posting pictures of your logos, products, sales team, office, and even a video of an interactive tour that showcases your services.


Respond to reviews

We all want positive reviews, so be grateful for them and always say “Thank you!” when someone gives you a great review on any directory including GMB. While you may not have the bandwidth to respond to everyone, try to make it point to do this to as many as you can.

Also, never let a negative review go unanswered. While you can’t control negative reviews, you can manage them by apologizing that the user had a bad experience and offer to discuss it with them offline so that you have an opportunity to make it right. If, after the conversation, the reviewer seems satisfied, don’t be shy about asking them to change their review to a more positive rating.

Keep an eye on your GMB Q & A section

GMB profiles include a Question and Answer section where visitors can post relevant questions about your company as well as its services and products. Anyone can post a Question here and anyone can post an Answer so it’s a good idea to check your GMB listing and answer any questions as soon as possible.

Monitoring and engaging visitors to your GMB Q & A section tells your audience that you’re an engaged company that’s responsive to its customers. This will also drive organic traffic to your listing if there is online engagement on your posts.


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