5 Tools that Improve the Efficiency of Your Employed Auto Mechanics

Get the job done quickly and profitably, without compromising customer service…

It’s the bottom line of every business operating in the auto repair industry.

And, what’s the biggest hurdle to achieving it?

It’s hard to look beyond the efficiency of your employed auto mechanics

For if your employees are efficient at their job:

  • You save time that can be utilized to cater more customers.
  • You save money in billed hours.
  • You are able to provide your customers with accurate estimates and complete the job within the committed budget and timeframe.

Isn’t it?

So, what is it that makes your employed workforce more efficient at their jobs?

Naturally, the tools that they use. Investing in tools that not only make your employees individually efficient, but collectively as well, can help auto shop owners improve their business’s operational efficiency.

Below is a comprehensive list of such tools.

1) Auto Shop Management Software

An automotive shop management software system helps to conveniently manage the different operational aspects of an auto repair shop.

It can generate automated payrolls. It can be used to check the updated status of parts inventory and can further be utilized to order parts that are running out of stock.  It allows your employees to conveniently fill time cards without any errors or hassles.

Using the software system, your employees can establish streamlined communication right from the repair floor. The software system allows auto repair shop owners to track employees’ performance, and where there is a dip you can investigate further to work towards optimization.

An auto shop management software, as such, is a must have deployment tool for all repair shops.

2) Flushing Machines

Flushing automotive coolant, brake fluid or transmission oil while performing a repair job, may only require few minutes of address, but why let those few minutes consume the precious time of your employees when you don’t need to?

Install flushing machines at your shop. This way, your technician doesn’t have to wait at the bay for the fluid to be flushed completely — the machine would do the job — and instead can perform other pending trivial tasks and save time.

3) Cordless Power Tools

Impacts, ratchets, wrenches, and so many other automotive repair tools that are used on shop floor –  they don’t necessarily have to be corded. Your technicians don’t have to get in each other’s way, while moving from bay to bay, tripping over the wires and causing inconvenience for others. Neither do they have to locate an electrical outlet or arrange for an extension cord to get on with their jobs.

Invest in cordless power and hand tools to make mobility easier and your technicians more efficient at their work.

4) Automotive Scan Tools

Trying to manually diagnose a problem in a vehicle can take time. Make things easier for your employees by investing in automated scan tools. These tools not only help to save time but also ensure that all safety risks are adequately addressed, otherwise involved in manual diagnosis of an auto vehicle.

5) Modern Alignment Machines

Your employees don’t have to hang the heads, point them and then proceed towards calibrating them. Modern alignment machines can perform complete automated wheel alignment. They can reduce the alignment time significantly in comparison to the older technology.

Are you ready to invest to improve the efficiency of your employed auto mechanics?

LANKAR is a solution that can help. An all-in-one shop management software system, the platform allows auto shop owners to efficiently and conveniently manage the operations of their workshop.

Using the software, users can present accurate estimates to their customers, manage their technicians, track performances, get reports, order parts online and do everything required to improve the operational efficiency of their business. For more details call at 800 446-3087, or email at sales@lankar.com.


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