5 Ways to Enhance Your Brand Awareness in China

China is a lucrative market to expand your business into. Many western companies have begun operations in China in the hope of making it big in one of the world’s biggest markets, according to Forbes.

The Chinese market is very different when compared to the western world. Corporations have to spend a considerable amount of effort and money to figure out the best way to increase brand awareness in China.

Spending time on this initial stage ensures that your money and efforts don’t go to waste.

Here are some ways you can increase your brand awareness:

Social media

You probably already know that global social media applications don’t work in China. Instead, they have social media platforms of their own. Douban, Renren, Pengyou, WeChat, Weibo, and many more applications are used for social media purposes. Users can chat, view videos, live stream, share posts, etc., just like on western social media platforms.

When a foreign business enters the Chinese market, they need to shift their social media efforts to such platforms. Their digital marketing campaigns have to be in line with how business is done on each local social media platform.

Chinese influencers

The ‘influencers’ trend is also very popular in China. KOL or Key Opinion Influencers are popular on most social media platforms. These influencers work with brands to directly sell or promote a particular brand. Think of KOL as celebrity endorsement, but much more relatable. Chinese consumers are more likely to buy an item marketed by influencers that they follow over a celebrity.

Short video content

Chinese businesses invest their efforts in producing short video content for their viewers. These short videos help them get the information they are seeking in a much shorter amount of time. Western brands looking to make it big in China can publish such content to generate more traffic to their sites.

Incorporate apps and games

The Chinese population prefers accessing the internet over smartphones instead of computers. Marketers who are looking for ways to keep readers interested in their websites can resort to trying out online games. Short online games increase engagement on a page.


Collaborate with a local business

The Chinese consumer base is inherently skeptical of foreign businesses. They are much more comfortable investing in their local businesses. Collaborating with a local business will help you gain the trust of the local consumers.

Working with a local business will also help you deal with the hurdles of setting up in a new market. The Chinese business scene is heavily based on business etiquette. Your company can learn as they go with the help of a local partner.

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