5 Ways Robots Are Making The World A Safer Place

It’s true: robots are taking over the world.

However, their application is mainly focused on making the world a safer place. Robots are being used across most industries around the world so that humans don’t have to put themselves in harm’s way.

Here are some ways robots are making the world safer as well as the latest ways they’re being used for security purposes:


Welding is the process of fabricating or sculpting metals and thermoplastics. High-grade heat is applied to the material being welded to melt the parts together. The temperature of welding machines ranges between 3000 to 24,000° C depending on the kind of machinery used. This makes it extremely dangerous for humans to take on welding, even with protective gear.

In addition to the high temperatures, welding releases toxic fumes that are detrimental to health. It’s also loud which is why welders often experience hearing loss.

Robots are being designed to take on welding jobs. They are consistent in results and can do the job without posing a threat to safety.

Stress testing

The manufacture of cars involves many tests of strength and safety to provide the best possible product to consumers. Instead of involving humans in this process, robots are used to test materials for how much wear and tear they can take on, as well as how much pressure they can endure.

Ford, for example, uses Robutt to test car seats in a number of situations. It also helps the company make their seats more comfortable and safe.

If humans were to undergo such tests to help develop the car seats, they could suffer repetitive strain injury or worse.

Digger D-3

The militaries of the world were some of the first organizations to adopt the use of robots when developing weapons and disarming mines. According to UNICEF, there are 110 million land mines and explosives buried in the ground all over the world. These were done during wars to cause mass destruction.

Robots have been developed to help detect landmines. The Digger D-3 is a remote-controlled tank that triggers mines to explode. Since it can be controlled from a safe distance, humans are safe while disarming these explosives.

Keeping workers safe from radiation

Back in 2011, a nuclear power plant based in Fukushima-Daiichi malfunctioned, leaving radioactive debris on the premises. This situation had to be cleaned up to contain the problem. Humans can’t go out into such conditions; therefore, a robot was used.

Quince, a robot equipped with a radiation sensor, was used to clean up the areas where radioactive waste was left behind. This robot can climb through debris and easily deal with areas with high radiation levels. The site is still not safe for humans.

Disaster relief

Providing relief after a disaster is no easy job. Often rescue workers put their lives in danger to help people who are stuck in certain situations. The Atlas has been designed to provide complex humanitarian tasks where humans can’t reach. This robot has been specially designed to work in dangerous and degraded environments, helping with search and rescue tasks.

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