6 Blogging Tools You Need in 2022

Digital media dynamics continue to shift. As a business owner, you must up your content marketing game in 2022. You can expand your content coverage, generate qualified leads, and increase ratings on search engines with the right tools.

Are you looking for blogging tools that will transform digital and internet marketing in 2022? Here’s a list of tools you need to maximize blogging efforts.

1. AI Article Writing Tool

Article generators are AI-powered tools that create content based on keywords. This tool scrapes the web to generate unique article content tailored for your business needs within a few seconds. If you’re looking for an article generator that creates 0% plagiarism, Autowriterpro is the right place for you. Its article generator is perfect for freelancers, business owners, marketers, agencies and bloggers.

2. Plagiarism Checker

This is hands down an essential tool for your 2022 content marketing strategy. If you want to avoid publishing copied content on your website, invest in a top-rated plagiarism checker. Plagiarism is a persistent issue in online publishing. This tool quickly runs your content to check for similarities before publishing it online.

3. Word Counter

Word counter essentially checks the word count of your website’s blog post or article. For optimization, you should be familiar with the way word count for SEO purposes works. You’d want to keep your blogs between 400 and 500 words. This makes the content readable for the target audience. As for any authoritative post, word count can reach 1,000 words at best.

4. Keyword Suggestion Tool

As the name suggests, a keyword suggestion tool is a research instrument that generates long-tail and relevant keywords for a topic. The best feature of these tools is that they use Google autocomplete to suggest keywords so your content is optimized and research is expedited for users.

5. Keyword Density Checker

Unlike the keyword density checker, this tool is built for the sole purpose of measuring the density of keywords on web pages. Stuffing keywords is no longer relevant. In 2022, your team should focus on the density of keywords to boost your visibility.

6. Spider Simulator

If you want to know how a search engine “sees” your website page, this is the tool for you. Search engine spider simulator informs you whether Google search sees your webpage as a bot or crawler.

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Opt for the aforementioned blogging tools if you want to create high-quality and relevant content in 2022 for higher visibility.

Autowriterpro offers these tools and much more. As an online content publishing and generator platform, the company is committed to offering the best content writing and AI Copywriting Software, an AI Content Generator for Content Marketers, and more.

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