6 Security Features That a Hosting Company Must Provide

Security on the web is one of the most serious concerns for online businesses. According to the Cyber Security Source Magazine, 86% of the websites on the Internet have, at least, one serious vulnerability issue.

This is the reason that you must always look into the security features that your hosting service provides. Here are 6 of these key security aspects:


RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) is a data storage technology that keeps files safe even if the server crashes. If your hosting service does not offer this, it can be a red flag. However, this technology is expensive and your hosting service may charge extra.

DDoS Protection

DDoS or Denial of Service protection is also a security feature that almost all reliable hosting companies provide. DDoS attacks occur when visitors request to see the concerned web page from multiple sources. A virus application is created by the hacker to attack these machines and thus, produce a denial of service. DDoS protection helps prevent this from happening.

Good Uptime Guarantee

Your website’s downtime (the time it’s not live) can have a major impact on your online business, especially at times of high traffic, such as Christmas or New Years. Once disappointed, customers may never come back to your website. Uptime rates can vary from 99% to 99.9%.

Make sure that your hosting service not only offers 99.9% uptime rate but also that it’s guaranteed. If they offer an ironclad Service Level Agreement (SLA), that can be prove to be the deciding factor for you.

Data Center or Backup Facilitybackup-facility

From natural disasters to power outages, your company’s precious data may get compromised due to unforeseen circumstances. This is why your hosting service must have a secure data center. Moreover, it also gives you peace of mind.

Technical Support

Problems in networking or infrastructure can arise anytime and prove to be a real hassle, especially if you haven’t gotten an in-house IT department. A hosting company that provides 24/7 technical support will ensure that service interruptions are minimized and that the issues get resolved within a matter of minutes.

Manual Reboot

Manual reboot feature is offered with VPS and dedicated server solutions, and not with shared servers. This feature allows you to use the control panel to restart the server and make updates to your systems. Moreover, you can also troubleshoot minor problems and reboot the server.

HostSailor’s hosting solutions contain all of the above security features and more. From robust data centers to comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA), the company has proved to be a reliable hosting platform. HostSailor’s reviews and ratings speak volumes about their efficiency.

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