6 Simple Steps to Successful Order Fulfillment

Order fulfillment has become complex over time. With developments in supply chain methods, business owners need to navigate strategically to meet customer expectation and experience.

Currently 15-20 percent of retailers have Omni channel fulfillment facility available, but this figure is expected to increase with incorporation of multiple channels, like buy online, pick from store, or ship to store.   

A research also found out that 25 percent of adults shopping online feel it’s important to have multiple shipment options, like buy online and pick up from store. Therefore, in order to increase your customer base and provide an excellent shopping experience, you need to enhance your order fulfillment capabilities.

Maintain Effective Inventory

A lot of inbound shipping software is available to tabulate your inventory needs. Availability of accurate data to determine and forecast stock level will prepare your business to meet orders without delay.

In addition to availability of product on right time, you can also effectively allocate space to your stock according to sales, channel, and category etc.

Transparency Across Multiple Channel

Real-time inventory has improved retailers’ ability to meet orders and customers’ expectation.

90% of retailers stated that use of real-time data across multiple sales channel has helped them in creating customer experience.

Hence, getting integrated shipping software to gain visibility of your inventory data will improve order placement and delivery process.

Enhanced Order Management

Automation and up-gradation of order placement software has become essential for every business.

Customers want to stay connected throughout the delivery process. They want option in carriers, updates on order, and notification to ensure their satisfaction. Failing to make a conversation with the customer may damage the complete buying experience.

Therefore, provide order tracking and address validation services to improve the delivery network of your product.

Flexible Delivery Process

Meeting the customers at their allotted place and time has become a necessity of supply chain dynamics. Hence, be flexible in order content, time, place, carrier, and billing methods. Integrate shipping software that gives you the liberty to alter billing methods and schedule shipment according to the needs of customers.

Return And Replacement

How you handle a wrong order can make or break you customer base.

Buyers need surety that the order delivered will meet their needs. If it fails to do so, the company will make necessary arrangements to rectify the mistake.

Therefore, have a process in place that can accommodate order changes at any stage of supply chain.

Keep The Conversation Going

As mentioned earlier, order tracking keeps the customers connected throughout the delivery process. But in order to maintain and develop a relationship with your clients, always ask for their feedback. Reward their purchase with a coupon or a thank-you note.

Taking into account all the difficulties and barriers in order fulfillment, it’s essential you have a multi-carrier shipping software supporting your supply chain processes.

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