6 Ways to Troubleshoot Common Printer Problems

There is a huge variety of printers available in the market. We encounter various technical problems with printers every day, and most of them are not serious and can be fixed easily.

Here are 6 common printer problems and how you can troubleshoot them:

The Printer is Not Ready

This mostly happens when your printer is either off or disconnected from the computer or network. Check the cables, or in case of a Wi-Fi connection, check that your router is working. Printers usually connect to the specific IP of your router. In case you manually change the IP of your router, the printer will fail to detect the network. Always reset your printer’s settings if the IP address is changed.

Frequent Paper Jams

If you struggle with a paper jam frequently, it signals inappropriate paper type, quality, thickness, or texture. Many papers give you a variety of paper types to choose from when printing. Make sure you have selected the right paper size and type before you send the document for printing.

Another common reason for frequent paper jams is overloading the feeder tray. Try loading the feeder tray with only half its capacity and always blow or fan the paper pack to separate all sheets before you feed them into the printer tray.

Ghost Jamming

Ghost jamming refers to frequent paper jams without a visible fault. It mostly happens when there are tiny pieces of paper or smaller objects stuck near the rollers. To troubleshoot ghost jamming, open the printer cover, and check for any signs of objects or pieces near the paper rollers.

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Printer Shows Refilled Cartridges as “Empty” or “Low on Ink”

This is a message many printers show when you get a cartridge refill. There is absolutely nothing to worry about in this case. While many printers auto-detect new cartridge levels, they tend to miscalculate ink levels when you get the same cartridge refilled. The only issue with a refill is that you can’t detect the amount of ink or powder left in the cartridge.

Printouts Come Out with Weird Lines

This happens mostly with inkjet printers. The reason behind the long lines on your printout is a leaking cartridge. The cartridge releases more than the required quantity of ink, and it accumulates in the printing head. This results in lines printing on the paper when the head moves.

Poor Print Quality

Faded lines or variation in print quality on the same paper indicates the printer cartridge is low on ink. You will get a low-ink intimation from the printer when you request a print. A poor-quality print calls for refilling or replacement of printer cartridges.

Printer Malfunction

If your printer is not turning on or not printing even when there are no such issues mentioned above, it’s time to head to a computer hardware repair near you.

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