7 Qualities of Highly Effective Websites

Today, a website has become the key component of any business’s operations. It has become the ultimate, 24/7 salesman through which online visitors interact and form an opinion about you.

A good website experience can be the difference between a loyal customer and a disgruntled visitor. With such crucial significance, it is very important that your website does its job in an efficient manner.

Let us take a look at 7 qualities of a highly effective website:

It is simple and elegant

The design of your website should be simple and elegant. From bulky images to immoderate color combinations, make sure you avoid being extravagant when it comes to websites.

Not only will these aspects be displeasing to the eye, they will also make your website difficult to load.

It Has High-Quality, Unique Content

In the online world, content is the king. Your visitors will be on your website looking for answers. They might want a product for a specific need or they might want to read latest industry news, make sure your website gives them exactly what they are looking for.

Good content will not only help you make a good impression with visitors, it will also help you please Google. As the search engine values content more than anything else, good content can help you get top rankings.

It Has a Clear Call to Action

Many website visitors might want to contact a company through phone or in person. 44 percent of online visitors would leave a website if there is no contact information or phone number. Make sure that you have a visible call to action.

It Enhance the User-Experience

Today’s customers have become impatient. They want information quickly and efficiently.

From navigation to search tabs, make sure it is easy to move around your website. The happier the visitor is after visiting your website, the more are his/her chances of engaging with you.   

It is Mobile-Responsive


With such massive rise in smart phone usage, it would be naïve not to make your website mobile-responsive.

With all the elements of the desktop website, a mobile-responsive website fits seamlessly into the screen of a smaller device.

It Has Attractive Media

You can add images, videos and other interactive media elements in your website. It will enhance the look and feel of your website.

However, make sure that you are not overdoing it and that these elements are not taking loading times to unacceptable levels.

It Has an About Section

An about section tells visitors who you are. They surely want to know more about their service-providers.

A good about section will help you establish credibility.

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