Technology: a blessing or a curse depending on your ability to use it!

If you stumbled upon this page, you’re probably wondering why anyone with a background in IT would be running a tech blog when they could be developing anti-gravity cars. (We’re working on it).

For me, technology isn’t just a convenience; it’s a hardcore passion.

You know those precocious 10-year-olds who can solve complex math problems, figure out the Rubik’s cube and beat a wizard at chess together in under 5 minutes?

That was me at 8. (Flagrant narcissism—check).

That’s right; I’m a loud and proud tech-geek and video game nerd who loves cars and lipstick. Oh and did I mention I’m a girl? (Points for twist ending)!

From mobile apps to laptop reviews, software coding tutorials and front-end web development guides, I’m here to shed a light on all things technology without putting you to sleep!