Affiliate Marketing in 2018: All You Need To Know

While many would have you believe that affiliate marketing is a thing of the past, the industry continues to grow as more and more people find it to be a steady source of income.

84 percent of publishers and 81 percent brands utilize affiliate marketing. As the opportunities for growth increase for both marketers and businesses, here are the latest affiliate marketing trends in 2018 you need to know.

Evolution in Advertising

Aside from mobile advertising, the industry is going into voice, video, and other forms of technology. Live video will account for 82 percent of all internet traffic as of 2021 as reported by Business Insider.

Big advertisers and publishers are keeping a keen eye on how voice influences search and advertisement and a few have already begun to weave it into their business strategy.

It would be smart to start testing formats other than display and keep tabs on popular consumer content.

Niche Marketing

The previous trend of catching on all the possible traffic by affiliate marketers is slowly dying out. Advertisers are now focusing on small groups of popular, targeted, and highly credible influencers.

Begin your campaign by targeting a few influencers in the industry. Once you successfully lock onto your target, establish your niche and then expand outwards.

The Rise in Transparency

The last few years have witnessed a couple of high-profile influencers and brands (including the Kardashians and Warner Brothers) come under fire for not disclosing their paid advertisements. The General Protection Data Regulation has ensured that affiliate markets will now have to adhere to more transparent procedures than ever before.

Vetting relationships will now take top priority as marketers will need to confirm that their partners and vendors comply with the regulations of the GPDR and that all personal customer data is in line with the appropriate consent and disclosing policies.

Evolving According to the Customers

An increasing number of affiliate marketing programs are evolving according to changes in consumer trends. With a 50 percent increase last year in mobile purchasing, the growing trend can be effectively sustained via continuous diversification, integration of smarter technology, and the development of strategies based on the performance of affiliate programs.

A Shift toward Native Ads

Although display ads help in revenue generation, they tend to put off customers from properly going through the content which is why marketers are shifting toward newer methods. Native ads are on the rise and help in improving customer experience rather than act as a deterrent.

The importance of keeping up-to-date with the latest trends yields benefits for both brands and affiliates. LeadDyno is an affiliate marketing network that offers a free 30-day trial without risking your investment and allows instant access to their affiliate network, enabling you to expand your business growth and profits!

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